Mountain Range Towel Hooks Installed

Mountain Range Towel Hook

I was tired of the old, busted-up, and painted-over towel hooks that we inherited with the apartment, so I finally did something about it. I built this sweet little mountain range towel hook this afternoon from scraps. It’s pretty simple, so I’m not going to go into too much detail, but if you have any […]

Here there be Giant’s (bubbles)

Odd opener: There’s a surprising way to make sure contextual ads offer you sex toys every time you shop online: get into making giant bubbles. Turns out the best way to make the film for giant bubbles is to add a few stabilisers (specialty personal lubricants) to the mix along with the dish soap. These […]

HMS Beagle - Make a stormglass for your BOAT

Good enough for Darwin: Make a Stormglass.

Darwin’s naturalistic observations weren’t the only scientific endeavours being pursued aboard the HMS Beagle. The Captain, a young aristocrat named Robert FitzRoy was also engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Mainly, FitzRoy was investigating tools that would assist in the accurate weather prediction and navigation of ships on oceanic journeys for the British […]

Better Call Cauls!! Building Clamping Cauls.

Clamping cauls help you join boards by keeping them flat, and building clamping cauls couldn’t be easier. Joining boards is the first step in a lot of woodworking projects, especially if you are just getting started and working from recovered wood. If beggars can’t be choosers, they had better be builders because it isn’t likely […]