Negroni Jebroni(s)

I made a shirt.

I didn’t do it well, but I still feel good enough about it to brag :- ).

First of all, let’s be honest: I hardly know how to sew, and this pattern says Intermediate on the front. There’s a reason for that. I got both the pattern and the amazing fabric at Spool of Thread.

My dear friend Helen was kind enough to give me some advice and guidance while working on a lovely flannel plaid version of the Negroni for her lover and affianced Sam (who is also my friend and his very own person). But despite her good advice and generous skill sharing (as well as this Sew Along I found very helpful!) I ran into my share of issues*.


  • resewed practically every seam twice – so I would use a thinner needle to preserve the fabric
  • often had no idea what the intentions were, so made the wrong choice
  • flat felled seems are for people with dexterity or experience, may try with a specialty foot next time
  • collar confusion – I straight up put this on the wrong side of the garment
  • cuffs? – really, I’m still not sure how to do these right
  • more clarity about pressing, notches, matching
  • what to do with a fabric that loves to fray – threads poking through even my few good seams
  • buttonholes on front are too casual add at least a line of stitching preferably a front placket
  • Front facing is floppy – sew it down
  • Facing yoke is a bitch
  • Trim the sleeves for a better fit
  • Bottom hem needs to be redone


*just to be clear, I believe these issues come as a result of tackling a garment that is beyond my skill level, and are not in any way problems with the pattern.

Now that I know what is involved, and have a few more of the requisite skills, I plan to sew myself several more Negronis in the future with better results and less frustration!

I made a shirt!!


3 thoughts on “Negroni Jebroni(s)

  1. Great post Drew and the shirt looks great. I remember my first attempt at a tailored shirt and it wasn’t pretty. The good news? You can now make a SHIRT – in ANY fabric you choose, dream big.

    1. Thanks Wendy! I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to my next one being drastically improved. I love the fabric I made this one from, and thethe fabric’s quality certainly helped forgive many of my errors!

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