Bag of Bags: A Metabag!

I’ve seen a lot of nice quilted and quite crafty stuff sacks for those plastic bags we all accumulate from the grocery store.

Fuck that!

Not that they aren’t wonderful, but I don’t love the craft/quilt look and while I gave some thought to making a slick one with a base of thick duck cloth and a sweet highlight fabric, ultimately I decided to save myself 95% of the work and just make one from an old pants leg. Undoubtedly I’ll revisit this decision when I find an irresistible fabric or live in a home where I don’t stow a forge, three bikes, and a hundred litres of Maple Syrup in my entryway. For now, the pants leg is plenty classy, but I’m sure there’s another Bag of Bags in my future.



  1. Take an old pant leg from you collection salvaged jeans (don’t lie to me! I can see the pile of pant legs in that dusty corner behind you), I chose one with a bit of stretch.
  2. Turn it right side in and sew a nice heavy hem on the top – wide enough for the eyelet you’ll add later.
  3. And a curved seam that doesn’t quite meet in the middle (I guess technically that’s two seams) of the bottom.
  4. Re-enforce the stitching by the small mouth at the bottom to your heart’s content – the more the better.
  5. Trim that shit up and turn it right sides out.
  6. Add a Eyelet at the top so you can hang it anywhere.
  7. Stuff with plastic grocery store bags.
  8. Bag of Bags!!

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